There's more to the designing of perfume bottles than shape.
It also takes a strong technical background. Thanks to his early experiences in the industry, Pierre Dinand was able to bring new materials to a field where the use of glass still reigned.


CalandreIn the early sixties, Pierre Dinand wanted Paco Rabanne's Calandre to be locked into a metal frame. But in those days in the perfume industry, for various reasons, metal was practically impossible to use . And so he decided to experiment with ABS. At the time, it was a brand new material mostly used in the car industry. Once galvanized, this material can be metal-plated and looks like real metal.


In the 1980s, Pierre Dinand was playing golf when the ball broke. "Inside, there was this weird material used for the stuffing. It looked like frosted glass but it wasn't. It had a depth of contrasts that no other material could offer."